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  • The magnetostriction project is responsible for the construction of an instrument which can measure the magnetostriction via measuring the deflection of a cantilevered thin film sample. This method gives an absolute value of the magnetostriction, is user friendly, and has a very high sensitivity.
  • Vibrating sample magnetometry is a method of measuring the magnetic moment of a substance. Conventionally, it operates by measuring the response of a vibrating substance being subjected to a known value of applied field.
  • Hwachol Lee is a graduate student whose current research utilizes DC magnetron sputtering in the Rascal deposition system to fabricate Fe-related epitaxial mulitlayer films for conventional magnetometry and neutron diffraction.
  • The Seed Project is headed by Tim Mewes and Patrick LeClair. It seeks to find combined DC and high frequency measurements of spin-torque effects in GMR/TMR nanoscale devices.
  • X-ray diffraction is the bending of x-rays via use of an obstruction. It can be used to identify certain properties of a substance by placing that substance in the path of the x-ray and measuring the altered behavior of the x-ray.


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